Service Interruption

It appears as though flight tracking has stopped due to a “service interruption.”

I notice flights in and out of ORD have stopped tracking and when trying to track a few of these flights, I get that “unrecoverable error, service interruption” message.

I am still able to track some individual flights, but for the others I get the same message. Also, the “local radar” is not working for me (at any airports).

Brief glitch – should be all better now. Pushing out some improvements that will dramatically improve map speed.

Still glitching for me at this time (for KIAD).

Still glitches.

No tracking on the maps… … /KDAY/KORD … /KMSP/KORD … /KGRR/KACY

EDIT: Nevermind, everything appears to be operating at 100%.

Thanks very much for fixing it (and quickly)!

When will the double vison effect on the operatons per hour mainframe be fixed for MIA,MCO,BOS,EWR,etc as well as the inbond outbound counter?


The operation/hour screen with the wave graphs on certain airports that average 80 like EWR,BOS,MIA etc next to the 80 is a second number that should not show on graph and the inability to see incoming and outbound such as 50 inbound 60 outbound.