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SDR Console

I read in a post about gain control within an Airspy R2 and it was mentioned the different gain adjustments that could be accessed in the Airspy, using SDR console. Can someone point me or advice how you go about this using SDR console?? I have an Airspy, working with an Odroid XU4, accessed within my LAN.

For airspy_adsb only linearity gain mode is available.

Other airspy software has mutliple gain modes, but the adsb version doesn’t really need it.

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SDR Console is a Windows only program intended for general radio reception. It is not an ads-b decoding program and will not work anyway on your Odroid.

With the Odroid, suggest you try ADS-B Spy. It’s from the AirSpy developer.

He asked for “different gain adjustments”.

I guess the real question is what that means.
If he means controlling the gains of the 3 analog stages individually, that’s not possible with airpsy_adsb.

Fair enough.

Try SDRConsole then, but I’m not sure what kind of settings are available with the R2. I use the HF+, and with that, SDRConsole let’s one adjust AGC, Attenuation, and Pre-Amp.

If you can find an ExtIO DLL for the R2, suggest giving HDSDR a try as well.

Did you try SDR#? It’s from the R2 developer, it may offer more in terms of adjustments. I believe it still includes ADSB# in the package.

But before I’m alerted again, neither HDSDR nor SDRConsole work with the Odroid.

The latest SDRConsole release is available from here, scroll down: