Receiver Gain slider and display



in Skyview top right portion appears to be space to fit a receiver gain indicator and underneath it
a slider control or 2 buttons (-)(+) and a scale to include AGC.
ie : read all valid rtl_sdr gains, create array and add to it (-10), so have a scale from -10 up 49.6
if gain 0.0 means ‘stop receiving’, omit it to prevent user inadvertent selection and start (after -10)
with first (minimum) usable range value.
it would help changing gain instead of file editing.

so requesting these two features.



I’ll second the motion.:wink:

Update: More or less like it’s done in RTL1090 and the old ADSB#. In addition to the above, ADSB# also allowed PPM adjustments, and a couple of other settings change.