SD card, how long does it live?


Maybe a dumb question… but how many years can we expect the SD card to work ??
Mine has been online for 894 days without any reinstall apart from that that i make sure the card is not full of logfiles

I was thinking maybe It’s time to get a new card and clone the old one over to a new… ?

  1. Good idea to replace 4 years old microSD card by a new one if you dont want to loose your long streak record due to un-noticed failure of old-age microSD card.

  2. Why clone? Take advantage of using a new microSD card, and make a fresh install of LATEST Piaware image. Do you have any other software/data feeders also running on your Pi?


So Far on my Original Card. I did get a high quality micro SD card off amazon.

Longest Streak: 1157 days (2/6/2015 - 4/7/2018)


Thanks… a good idea to make a new fresh install when getting a new card :slight_smile:
Nothing else on the pi


There are two types of SD card failures that people will have.

1)Wear due to write cycles. This depends on how many times data was deleted from the SD card and new data stored. PiAware tries to minimize this but this happens if you change piaware-config settings, old log files are automatically deleted and new ones are written, and other misc writes. This is not too common on SD cards but it is the one people usually talk about.

  1. Data corruption. SD cards data is stored in blocks and if you have a power glitch or a power outage during a write cycle the data can be corrupted on the SD card. This is a very rare event but it actually more common than the write cycle limits being reached.

If you are going with a new SD card then install the latest software is the way to go.


Not too often if you keep the writes to the SD card down to a minimum. I would say at least 6 months with normal logging/updates/cleanup/wear and tear. But if you are concerned check out a WD PiDrive. Anywhere from $15 to $30 you get 64GB to 375GB on actual hardware which wont wear out in a few months.

My PiDrive has been rock solid since they initially offered the original 314GB drive for $31.41 on a Pi Day awhile back but well over a couple years. Oh the irony of the price and size!

Install Raspbian/PiAware image.
Copy everything over but /boot to the actual hard drive.
Make a couple changes to system files.

Decide to go that route let me know I have a post on how to do it elsewhere or actually on this forum come to think of it.

Just learned PiAware is tied to the software now and not the hardware. I don’t think I like that being before adding an actual Western Digital hardrive to my setup I was tossing SD cards in the trash much more often than Raspberry Pi’s…


The 64GB version of the PiDrive is a USB stick, not a hdd.

Unfortunately, wdlabs apparently will be closed, so maybe the last chance to buy Pidrives. :slightly_frowning_face:

It is not ready tied to the software, but to the feeder id, which can be changed. If you are changing SD cards a lot, it is a bit of a hassle, but on the image version you just need a piaware-config.txt with id, wlan, gain and copy it into boot, and you are done.


That it is… Sad to hear but any USB 3 HDD should work. Only plus to the PiDrive was cost due to the fact it was simply an external USB 3 HDD without the case and a wire that fed the RPi as well as the HDD at the same time. But external HDDs have got so cheap anyways and work the same. Guessing that’s why they abandoned the project. Just wasn’t worth buying bare bones hardware anymore.

On the plus side that’s how long HDDs have lasted for me as opposed to SD cards that I have not had to shop for a new one in awhile!

You can change to a USB HDD from an existing SD card installation without loosing data including the software ID for your receiver. A bit of fdisk, rsync, a few commands and file edits your good to go in maybe a half hour at the most on the same code. This works on existing PiAware image as well.