im really thinking of buying one and where i live the flight path goes right over a little parking lot you can see the pilots in the window. but is it easy to find the right channels or do you have to seach around a lot, and i know nothing about what the pilots say to the tower so should i just stick with waiting for a plane to come over head or get one and learn to use one. Our airport isn’t that busy so its not really fun guessing when the next flights will be.


I’m just curious why you didn’t add your comment to the ‘Klintrepid’ topic you started earlier, which was about scanners. This leaves us with uncoordinated parallel topics, which is never a good idea for a forum.

When the subject hasn’t really changed and you have a choice between adding to an old topic or starting a new one, it is preferrable to add to the old.

I will agree that the topic title ‘Klintrepid’ is less descriptive to what you want than is ‘Scanners’, but you may have been able to edit your initial post to change to topic name. I’ve never tried that.


oh i forgot sorry to UPSET you :laughing:


Naw, you didn’t upset me. I wasn’t ranting and flaming. I was just posting a tip for your future reference.



Tobyz1, Interesting question! I suppose you could edit or change the Subject line since it’s all part of the same box so to speak. Might be something to play with late-night unless Daniel or Mark scans this thread and gives us the answer.


skyhigh, I think Daniel, Mark, and Karl must scan every thread. :laughing:


Please use the other thread. :smiley: