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Ryan International Airlines

I saw a Ryan MD-80 today at KEWR which looked like it was getting ready to get going. Checked scheduled departures and didn’t see anything under the tail number (which I don’t remember), or a Ryan flight number? Does Ryan block their flights?

Just curious…thanks.

Do you have an approximate time? Wast the aircraft at one of the pax terminal or elsewhere on the field?

Ryan operates flights for JPATS (the federal justice department prison transfers flights). It could have been operating a flight for this service.

I drove by around 2:30 PM, the plane was on the NW corner of the field, and there was a decent amount of security around the plane…which would make sense for a JPATS flight…thanks for the info.

Doesn’t RYN still fly charters for FunJet Vacations as well? Most of the time in Vegas, they are coming in because of chartered service for vacations… while they do have runs for JPATS, I don’t see them really flying people to Vegas to go to prison… :wink:

Currently, RYN has a B763 flying from CYQX-KAEX…


Ryan doesn’t really do any tourist charters anymore. Funjet also appears to rarely charter their own aircraft anymore (mostly only to CUN) and instead just puts package tourists on scheduled flights.

If you look at their activity, most Ryan flights are with their 767’s and are clearly DOD charters.

The MD-80’s are occasionally used for JPATS and sports charters.

Just saw the same plane land using ‘patriot 3505’ as a call sign.

Sounds like a DOD flight ID.