Runways in use


Does FlightAware list the runways in current use?


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See … ay+current

Changing weather conditions can change runway usage very quickly.



Thanks for the reply. I see it has been discussed. I gather that it is a parameter that is not readily available. Reason I am asking is to verify the accuracy of my AirNav software.

I live near enough to my airport to witness traffic using runways other than my AirNav software is showing. :frowning:


The above link is for live runway info for major Canadian airports. Maybe something similar from the FAA is available.

Just click on a link ( CYUL for example ) and you will get realtime wind / visibility / runway info.


Yes, thank you. The Canadian website is just what I could use. Now only if the FAA has something similar. :confused:


Here’s another thread dealing with information on runways in use: … 7982#27982

Are you refering to THIS AIRNAV program?

What airport are you specifically interested in watching?


Actually, I am using the FSLive program for FS 2004 by AirNav. The airport I am watching is KDTW.


You can call the DTW ATIS at 734-941-5363
(Reference: )


Thanks again. ATIS tells me what I suspected. NOTAM also concurs. We are using north/south runways while the software is using east/west…and has been since two weeks ago. :cry: