RTL-SDR Software

HI all,

I have used RTL-SDR software with RPI’s and flightaware dongles but now use Odroids and airspys, but still need to assess occasionally what is happening around me interference wise (4G mobile phone tower only 250m from here etc)

Recommendation on programs that will supply similar grapic info my my current set ups??

Ok I have managed to get one of my airspy’s hooked up to my PC and running ADSB Spy and SDR Airspy running, but what do I need to set up SDR Airspy to check for nearby interference ??

Here is a good place to start mate: I’m not certain how to link to this other thread neatly, but you can click on the title below to get there. I think it’s what you are seeking.

Yes i have used it before with dongle, but not the airspy which I have connected to the PC and receiving signals according to adsbspy. So it shoiuld work with the airspy??

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Do I Need A Filter?

Thanks @abcd567

If you want to use the Airspy, grab a copy of Spectrum Spy for your PC and let it rip: https://airspy.com/download/

Here is a screenshot with an Airspy Mini hooked up to a cheap TV antenna sitting next to my PC for a quick reference:

Thanks both. I have ABCD’s option 2 installed, using a Flightaware prostick, working. I will just let that run for 30 mins then try the spetrum spy :slight_smile:

Right the spectrum spy with the airspy, far better result graphically.

Now you will note, at the beginning there is some inference around 760 and 950 mhz. Now the stop of 760 and lessening of 950 is where a flightaware s filter was applied.