Rtl-sdr.com 1090 filter

Just a quick and dirty test with a discone antenna.
Attached the 600-1500 MHz spectrum.

With everything else 30db or more down, that looks excellent. Any idea on actual the insertion loss?

When the RTL-SDR Blog reported on the filter, it said “insertion loss of about 1.65 dB at 1090 MHz and has about a 40dB drop outside the pass band”.

Just wondered if you were able to measure, but the claimed 1.65 dB is very good.
Guess that your next step is a dedicated 1090 Mhz antenna and a LNA :slight_smile:

This one IS an triple filtered LNA

Sorry, I’ll switch my brain back on. That was the device I was looking at recently that looked very interesting. I hadn’t made the connection and just focused on the spectrum graphic you posted. The price looked very good too.

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I ordered one a couple of weeks ago. I’ll report on its performance once received and installed.

Spectrum 400-1500MHz with the Flightaware antenna.
If my mast wont be that time intensive to lover I would do it. For now is the Uputronic Ceramic amp installed.

Ceramic filter same range :frowning: