Routes Filed by /G Aircraft

I’ve noticed on certain routes, like trans-ocean and GPS nav flights, that some of the route is in Lat/Long form. Here are some examples with my questions.
I’m guessing “02000W 7000N” means 20 degrees 00 minutes West and 70 degrees 00 minutes North?
What does the “ECA183” and “MOD216” mean in the route? Are these radials?
What does "ORF290 ORF290079’ mean in the route? Does ORF290079 mean radial 290 at 79 nm?
What does “2903 08056” mean? Are they just Lat/Long (without decimals)?

OK, there aren’t any GPS pilots in the FA forum at all!? You guys all really fly on VORs? [/sarcasm on the VORs] Or are my questions…

Dunno… think so.

Yes. Like saying the ECA 183 radial to intercept Victor(or J)123 to ABC.



Lat/Lon of destination airport expressed in degrees and decimal minutes without using decimals.
“2903 08056” = N29 03.000’ W80 56.000’
It basically means “direct to”…

I don’t see these routes very often. It took me about 10 minutes and a hundred or so flights to find them. Are the ones above given by ATC? If not, I’m surprized that pilots don’t try to get these filed more often. It would make for a more D route.

And a “D” route is better than, say, an “E” or a “Z” route?

And is a surprized the way a southerner pronounces Sir Prized?