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I have been tracking American Airlines flight 73 (ORD-HNL) for the past couple of weeks, and I have noticed that it has taken 3 different routes during that time. Most flights fly over Los Angeles or San Francisco, while rarely it may fly over Oregon as it did today. Is there any way to determine which route this flight will take on a daily basis? I’m taking this flight on 8/25, so I’m curious what I’ll be flying over. … /KORD/PHNL … /KORD/PHNL … /KORD/PHNL


Flight Planning/Dispatch plans the flight based on what will route will be the most efficient for that day. And that determination is based on Mother Nature’s weather and winds along the way. You can check the Scheduled Departures list here on FA prior to departure (if you’ll have internet accessibility) to see what route is planned. Tomorrows planned route has it going via OAK (Oakland/Bay area) - PLL PLL275065 FOD J94 ONL J148 OAL J80 OAK ALCOA R463 APACK MAGGI3


Generally winds and severe weather.


There are also limited routes that airlines can fly between the mainland and Hawaii. Here’s the routes and the directions used:
R465 (bidirectional)
R577 (eastbound)
R578 (bidirectional)
R463 (westbound)
R464 (westbound)
R576 (westbound)
A332 (bidirectional)
A331 (bidirectional)
(Please let me know if the directions of use is wrong)

Flights from the interior USA need to flight plan so that they use one of these routes.

See IFR Route Analysis and enter airport codes (one on the mainland, one in Hawaii) to see examples.



Where’s the wet footprint? Is that doable in the 750?



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