Route is "n/a"


If a flight plan’s route, indicates “n/a”, (such as the one below)what does this usually mean?

Thanks for info.



N/A means not available. In other words, the data wasn’t available from the FAA at the time you looked at the flight. I don’t see N/A for any of the CIR461 flights now.

For beset results, click on the particular flight you have a question on and then anybody will be able to figure out which flight you are referencing. For example, … /CYAK/PANC


It can also mean D-> (direct)


The route for this flight shows as n/a. The available tracks show a straight line indicating, as dbaker said, a direct flight.


As it has been said before, it is a direct flight. When I file my flight in my C172 as GPS direct, the route will always show n/a.