Route Codes


What do the route codes mean? For example…
LAL210020 LBV030005 PHK240021 Thanks for your help.


Those route codes are points along a portion of the flight. The letters are VOR navigation aids and the numbers are the direction and distance from the navaid. So, LAL210020 LBV030005 PHK240021 means that the plane is going from a point on the Lakeland, FL VOR’s 210 degree radial at 20 nautical miles to a point on the La Belle, FL VOR’s 030 degree radial at 5 nautical miles to a point on the Pahokee, FL VOR’s 240 degree radial at 21 nautical miles. Routes like this are referred to as RNAV (which means Area Navigation) routes because the points they use to define their course are not at the actual navigation aid or other enroute fix, but instead the points are defined by the user in order to get the most efficient routing.

Hope that helps!