rookie - new ads-b receiver site finally ‘on air‘ :)

hi all,

bought two weeks ago my first raspberry and was looking for purposes.
so - searching google the last nights brought me to this really nice ‚ads-b thing‘.

the first 3 days i used the tiny antenna delivered with the usb-receiver - but yesterday my new bigger one has been delivered. i installed it in the same position under the roof of my house where the smaller one was mounted since some days.

here are some pictures of my setup and traffic received - before and after …

have a good one
tom (from germany)

p.s. now i had to buy a second raspberry for experimenting because this little one will stay ‘in duty’ for ads-b :)))

Hi Tom,

Nice setup you have there. Welcome to the mad world of ADS-B.

Where did you get the antenna, is it a FlightAware one?

hi triggers,

sadly no - not the very nice flightaware antenna i intended to buy - they obviously sell it only via amazon us and delivery and taxes are slow and expensive. so i decided to buy this one:

kind regards

h… the very nice flightaware antenna i intended to buy - they obviously sell it only via amazon us and delivery and taxes are slow and expensive…[/quote]

Hi Tom,

…glad you got your site up. It looks really nice.

The Jetvision guys’ products are really good.

The FlightAware antenna and filter are also available on from the seller “wifi_expert”, and they ship internationally. You can search ebay for flightaware and it’ll find the antenna and filter and some different antenna patch cords to mate between different connector standards.

hi karl,

yup - i also saw the ebay offer. but shipping is 25$ and then taxes on top. i often buy things in the us - but only 500$ and up - for inexpensive things shipping costs/time are not worth it. if your hardware would be available in stock e.g. at amazon uk anything would be perfect for european customers.

the new antenna looks to be ok - measured range is near theoretical maximum for my location. in the picture below the blue outline stands for 30,000 feet aircraft altitude, the orange for 10,000 feet and the gray shade is what i real tracked.

my antenna isn’t mounted outside but under my roof inside the house - and will estimated show about 4,000 aircrafts and 200,000 positions per business day. so - i’m quite happy with this all inclusive below 250$ setup that is extremely energy-efficient too :slight_smile:

Hi Tom,
Welcome aboard!
Very nice and neat setup. Congratulations.

If you intend to keep the whip antenna (which came with DVB-T) inside your home, you can improve it’s performance by two simple things as shown in the sketch below.

hi abcd567,

i think for now i will just use the antenna from jetvision - but always good to know how to pimp the small one :)))

Hi Tom!

It looks you have used to get your theoretical max range map.

Two questions:
(1) Which software you used to plot your actual max range (grey shade)?
(2) How did you combine the actual range plot and the theoretical range map?

hi abcd567,

  1. i share my collected data to flightaware and planefinder. the grey shade comes from planefinder (receiver information → private data) and is already on a google maps layer.

  2. simply made a screenshot of my heywhatsthat computation and opened in photoshop → next opened the screenshot from planefinder as new layer on top of the first layer → resized the upper layer so that it matched perfect to the lower → ready

Thanks. Sehr raffiniert und intelligent!
I have done this about a year ago, but used range plot by adsbScope (Click here to see). The trickiest part is to resize to get a perfect match.

hey - perfect german words :slight_smile:

… so - you did the same long time before me - and while my map/chart is quick and dirty yours is much cleaner and more sophisticated !

the easiest and fastest way to align and resize the upper layer is to set the opacity to say 30% → then shift the upper layer that at least one city is exactly in the same place in both layers → then resize the upper layer until all cities match → opacity of top layer back to 100% → ready

isn’t it bedtime over there in canada :)))


Was busy today with house keeping, became so tired slept in evening & woke up 1 in night! :slight_smile:

aah - ok - understand - my housekeeping will start later today with lawn mowing :slight_smile:
best for me when sleepless middle of the night is reading a book (instead of tv or internet) - last book i read was hemingway whom the bell tolls - not bad …

have a good night
tom (from munich - hometown of oktoberfest)


Ein Maß - Oktoberfest in München

yep - that’s how it looks over here in bavaria :slight_smile:

the first complete day with 24 hours feeding brings better results than i did expect: 282,030 positions and 5,781 aircrafts.
not too bad for an indoor antenna :slight_smile:

Running stock antenna, you had how many detections over 24hours to have an idea ?
I saw the map, eindrucksvoll!

hi regis,

the first days when using the small standard antenna - i did not feed flightaware but only planefinder.

i looked in their stats from these days and found what i did remember too - the larger antenna from jetvision nearly doubled the aircrafts and messages i received per day.

regarding the map - yes - as i wrote it was a bit the striver in me to do this photoshop thing :slight_smile: but if you talk about how many/far it reaches - that’s just luck with the location of my house and not my great capability.

I see, thanks for the feedback.

I will flight back to my hometown in eastern France and wish to setup something similar to my parent’s home. I am impressed by the range. I did not think about the tripod. Good idea and lucky me I got one unused.

Right now in Singapore my living area is very crowded and unlucky for my feed, I live at ground level.

perfect :slight_smile: have a good one