REVEALED: The world's 50 biggest airlines by capacity


What is the best measurement to use for ranking the world’s biggest airlines? It’s a tough question (and one that often divides the aviation industry), but I’ve always thought that capacity is a useful starting point.

In fact, I’ve decided to use Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) Per Week as the basis for a forthcoming series of airline rankings on, with the data provided by Innovata, a global leader in travel data management and distribution solutions.

And what better way to kick-start the series than a list of the world’s top 50 global airlines? American airlines are leading the market in terms of global capacity, it seems, while Europe, Asia and the Middle East are also well represented.

Innovata has provided me with data from March 2013 for this particular ranking – you’ll find the top 50 here: … ld_24.html