Retrieving alerts set by a user

As a user of the iOS app, I can set alerts for push notifications for upcoming flights. Using the API, I’d like to access a list of all of my set alerts. Is this possible?

From my look at, it would appear not because I do not see any user-specific data in there.

Alerts are only handled in the v2 API at this time.

GetAlerts can return alerts that were configured outside of FlightXML with a plain text channel_name value. However, FlightXML is only suitable for creating alerts that are sent to a specific endpoint address.

So if I create an alert (e.g. push notification for changes in status to a specific flight) on my user account in iOS, using v2 API, I can see that my user account has set an alert and pull info for that flight? That would be ideal. I just don’t see any user-specific hooks in v2 API docs.