request structure

I would like to know how I must structure the HTTP request, with the string of the various parameters and the indication UserID and the key, to obtain the XML response; clearly based on the type of request that I want to send
thanks from Italy

The details of the request format is described on … ation2.rvt

If you are using the REST/JSON interface, then arguments are supplied by standard GET form variable passing, and the authentication (username and API key) are supplied by HTTP Basic Auth headers.

It is recommended that you look at some of the existing code examples at the bottom of that page, even if you intend on using a programming language that is not already listed.

Thank you.
There is an example for a call from vba using a WebBrowser control?

I need to send HTTP requests using a WebControl from Visual Basic for Application and I would have - if possible - the response in XML.
But I have not found in documentation as it should be the structure of the request (for example for FligtInfo). You can send me a simple example?
Thank you very much.

It would probably be easier if you are able to use VB.NET or C# .NET for your integration, since .NET already provides support for web services. In classic VBA you will need to do a lot more work generating the requests and parsing the responses.

If you still insist on VBA, then it would still probably be easier to use the REST/JSON interface since the requests and responses are simpler and less verbose.

All examples that we provide are on the page previously mentioned. If you do not see it there, then no example currently exists: … ation2.rvt