REQ: Email Flight Routes


I’d like to have an option where I can punch in my flight numbers and be able to get an email of the route taken. (Image’s and text, if possible on the latter). Like the big, or small route map. I find it interesting what I did.


Also, this maybe a bug, but unsure. CO has two flight 90’s. one that leaves noon from LAX to EWR on B738 and one that leaves EWR to TLV on B772. How can i track the LAX one? TLV comes up by default.

One last thing, what does /Q mean?

Thanks to all.


Can’t speak for the other things, but I can tell you that both those flights are indeed CO90 in their schedule. It is not uncommon to see airlines with the same flight number for two different flights on the same day.


Please read the FAQ’s. Your answer is contained there. Here’s the direct link:


Excellent idea. It would be nice to find your track waiting for you in your inbox when you return from your trip!