remove tracking map


when i go to view departure info. at kord, a live map of all flights leaving is displayed. how do i remove it? :question:


You may - MAY - be able to not show it by setting up your browser so it doesn’t display graphics. I’ve never set up any browser so that graphics don’t display. Look in the help function of whatever browser you are using to see how to do it.

This is something almost everyone here has wanted to have for a long time.

Why don’t you want it?


Maybe because the map shows very few of the ORD departures? (The algorithm seems to make it show Japan and Korea to the left, Alaska just to the right of center at the top, and North America barely appears on the right. I’ll bet the vast majority of the listed departures don’t show at all. I assume this is the problem that MDUELL referred to elsewhere hereabouts that the crew is working on). Make it show the vast majority (North America) and drop the rest, until we are able to scroll either way from the center of the greatest number of flights for a given airport (did that make sense?). I love what you are trying to do, though. Keep at it! Jan/CID (and put that to/from line back in!)


The vast majority of maps show all of the departures. For examples, take a look at MDW, LVK, COE, OAK.

The problem deals with the 180 line of longitude. See this discussion.