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Registration/Hex instead of Ident

Hello guys,

When I do a query using AirlineFlightSchedules or FlightInfo I always get the “Ident” but never the registration plate of the plane.
Is there a way to get the Registration of the plane or the Hex instead of the ident? Because it will be more specific than the ident, where you can have different physical flights on the same route.

For example I want to get BLBC instead of CPA735

Many thanks!


AirlineFlightSchedules will not be able to provide any tail or registration information. This endpoint performs a search against advance schedule data that does not contain any registration information.

In FlightXML2 the AirlineFlightInfo endpoint will return both the ident and tail for a commercial airline flight. Otherwise if an aircraft is operating under an identifier that is different from the tail number that identifier will be presented in the InfoStatus responses.

In FlightXML3 the ident and registration are both present as separate fields in the FlightInfoStatus response. Outside of the presentation, the flights returned are the same as in FlightXML2.