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Red light on my feeder


i have a fightfeeder and is not working as usual it have a red light without blinking . and it is not recognizing the aircraft that it usually tracks


Can you mail the details to adsbsupport@flightaware.com? Thanks.


I have more than 20 minutes waiting for a jame who is going to give me an assistance and does not even tell me to wait for him to review my case, I understand that it is not fair, where I do not earn anything for the service


I’m sure support will get to you but let me tell you my guess:

Looking at your statistics

You can clearly see a decrease in range, but the device is still working.
This points to a bad connection to the antenna.

Check if all cable connections are screwed on properly.
Maybe even disconnect each connection and reconnect it. That can help in case something has corroded.

Good luck.