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Recommended Secondary Education for Pilots?

I am curious as to what secondary education most pilots have received or what majors/courses enriched their careers as a pilot or any other flight management related careers. What colleges offer courses that relate or are helpful for pilots? Or what classes are helpful? Planning for college and all the stress that comes with it is certainly taking a toll on me! Any input would be greatly appreciated.Thank You!

The top flight schools that come to mind for me are…

-Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univeristy
-Western Michigan University
-University of North Dakota

All 3 of these schools are prestigious universities that have specific degrees for flying such as Aeronautical Science, or similar programs.

I was accepted to Embry Riddle, and WMU, but decided to attend the University of Michigan this fall, pursuing an Aerospace Engineering degree.

Good luck with the rest of your career!


Embry Riddle is a touchy subject among professional pilots. I’m not making a recommendation one way or another, but I wouldn"t send my kid there. On the other hand I know several guys who went there who are really good sticks and several who are complete goobers.

Purdue and UND are 2 really good programs, but I’d recommend NOT getting an aviation degree. Do a little research and you will find a lot of pilots who say the same.
Get a “real” degree that gives you options if the pilot life doesn’t agree with you. Nobody cares what your degree is, just that you have one. If you can do flight training through the university, so much the better.

An aviation degree isn’t going to get you a job, your qualifications, personality, and flight hours are the major factors. Networking and opportunities for internships, etc… are a benefit of the “aviation universities”, for what they’re worth.

Good luck