Recommendations for tracking flights with connections


I am using a combination of Arrived, Departed, Scheduled, and Enroute to track flights from a small regional airport (3 outgoing and 3 incoming flights daily, all direct flights). At the end of the year they will have a flight from their airport A to airport C with a connection at airport B. Passengers do not disembark at B and continue on the same aircraft to C.

If we continue to use the ID of airport A I am assuming won’t include the leg from B to C. Both B and C are larger airports so it would be difficult to use these same queries with them and filter out the results. What is the recommended method of capturing the departure time, arrival time, and flight status of the B to C leg?

Thank you for your suggestions.


All flight segments (A-B, B-C) will be tracked as separate flights in our system, even if the flight number stays the same and passengers do not disembark.


Given the use case, what is your recommendation for tracking the B-C leg?


Assuming that airline uses the same flight number, you can use FlightInfoEx to query the ident and look for the other B-C segment (look for the origin and destination of the second leg), and then simply track the status of that other flight. Each of the two segments will have a different faFlightID to allow you to continue to track them, once you have initially identified what they are.