Getting both legs of a connecting flight -- dal268

Flight Delta 268 seems to have two legs to it. (One to JFK and two from JFK.)
When I call FlightInfoEx(“Dal268”) I get only the second leg of the flight is returned.
If I would need the first leg of this flight, how would I go about it?

FlightInfoEx() returns a list of multiple flights for that ident. Requests for DAL268 will return all of its flights (it appears to generally operates 2 segments per day), so you just need to look at all of the entries in the list that is returned, not just the first one in the list.

There is no identification that will let us know they are connecting flights?

faflightId cannot be used?

Connecting flight segments can be different for each individual passenger depending on where their final destination is. Segments can involve flights with completely different flight numbers and from completely different airlines. There’s no way to know what flights “connect” to another flight, since any flight departing from that airport after the previous flight’s arrival is technically a possible connection.