Recent changes to MLAT server?

Over the past day, I’ve noticed 1 or 2 MLAT outages, and some aircraft are never “sync’ing” into MLAT. This is standard commercial traffic (JetBlue and Delta for example), and tracks where up to ~3000 messages are some times received. This is atypical for my system, which has been rock solid. Has there been a change to the MLAT server side function?

FA indicates synchronization with 68 MLAT receivers.

Did you notice the outage yesterday? I assume this is separate from that, but I thought I’d mention it in case you didn’t notice.

Yes, I did. Curious whether something has persisted or was changed, as the behavior I’m seeing today is unusual, and I haven’t made any changes on this side.

Yep - I can clearly see it in the statistics. Another outage today…

It was more fallout from the outage; some of the mlat solvers got partially stuck, so results for about 25% of hexids wouldn’t be forwarded back to piaware correctly. It’s hopefully fixed now.

Looks good here OBJ, I see the improvement. Thanks!

Just curious…still seeing this occasionally. As an example N952DN, a Delta MD-90 at FL280, currently has >5800 msgs and no MLAT sync; I’m sync’d with 70 receivers. If it were military or a private plane I wouldn’t bring it up, but it seems to me this is a normal commercial flight.

I shut MLAT off here, too many positions were jumping all over, might as well be throwing darts. I sometimes wonder if the data isn’t overcomputed anyway, as I see 85 or more sites.

Im also having problems. MLAT has been zero for many hours now.I rebooted piaware remotley to see if that helps me.

I can see one of my sites working OK with MLAT, and the other is completely down - no MLAT targets.

I have 3 units and all have recorded zero MLAT events over the last two days. Is this something FlightAware is working on?

I’m restarting all the mlat infrastructure now, there are still lingering problems from the outage earlier. It will be down for maybe half an hour.

It turns out I did not have an issue after all. It was the fault of my own fat fingers…

Not sure of the status of my two remote units but MLAT has returned active on my main reporting station (11414). Thanks for restarting the infrastructure!

Mlat took a dip today around 9am for me and two other locals