Reba's Concert in Wichita 2night


Any suggestions on how to find out what aircraft Reba is flying into Wichita KS tonight for her concert?


Probably chartered Hawker 800 N423SJ


Reba’s been covered in another topic or two. That plane is going on to Tulsa where she and Kelly Clarkson have a concert tomorrow. The very thought of which makes my ears bleed.

Reba sure has been loyal to the Hawkers.


After I posted this, I noticed she was leaving Van Nuys to Wichita for the concert tonight, the later that night (after the concert) she flew to her parents place in Tulsa. She has another concert in OKC Friday… and Yes, she has been loyal to Hawkers. Its registration is Wells Fargo Trustee tho…


N423SJ - Owned by GECC - > Lessed by American Seafoods - > Chartered by Clay Lacy



That plane brought Willie into town the other night for his son’s HS graduation.