Range seems to have dropped

Something seems to have happened to my range. I use to be able to get positions out to 150 miles out on occasion. I recently reinstalled piaware and my numbers seem to be up but not like they use to be. I have the pro stick plus, with the flightaware antenna. I am really close to the airport and have tried to play with the gain, pretty much tried every number. Antenna location has been the same since installed. Anything I should check or try I’m open to.

The built-in filter of ProStick Plus in some situations is not enough, and an external filter may improve reception.

You can check the intereference from Cell/Mobile signals at your location by a simple test described here:

Do I Need a Filter?

I will try this tonight, can I use the prostick for this?

Yes, you can use any of these:
Pro Stick (orange), Pro Stick Plus (blue), DVB-T (generic, black or blue)

Also have a look here:


Is what i got when i did my scan, looks like i need a filter. I’m not much of a signals person

Yes, you definitely need to get a filter. There is a lot of noise in your graphic. Only the frequency of 1090 Mhz is used for signals from planes. The other spikes may be coming from a mobile carrier cell near your location.

I got a filter and it instantly made a huge improvement! Thanks for the help!

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