Well I have one now, getting use to what it does etc. I am interested to see if I can install 1090 mutability on it. I have found bits an pieces of what you might have to do, but nothing all in the one place or some nobo ways of what to do.

I don’t want to break anything but I would imagine … Is it the fact that you would install what ever version you intend to use onto the SD card already in place. Now I think it is a 4 gb size. You would set up your ADSB Receiver directory and go from there??? Now I use Joe’s streams etc, I know I have to install beastsplitter to make it work and there is a good post about doing that. Could it be as simple as that, installing the ADSB directory onto the sd card , set up the beastsplitter to read the right thing. I am not sure how you would go in regards to gain etc. I am not sure how the Radarcape function in that area, being quite different to the DVB sticks that are used. Now I know you can add a DVB stick into the external USB port and some how run it via there, using the features of the stick but I would like to be using the features of the Radacape to run 1090 mutability

So if someone has successfully installed mutability onto a Radarcape, please share for a good follower of what to do with scripts, to get something working. :slight_smile:


You are better off installing dump1090 on an RPI and pulling the data from the radarcape.


You are better off installing dump1090 on an RPI and pulling the data from the radarcape.
We have already seen an issue this month with someone trying to install dump1090 on a radarcape


Thanks for the reply Jon, have had a chat with Oliver. so might just hold off on this. :slight_smile:


On the radarcape the FPGA on the cape decodes the ADSB signals.

On a PI, dump1090 of any flavor decodes the ADSB from SDR dongle.

So simply put there is nothing for dump1090 to do on the radercape,

If you don’t mind me asking what is it you are trying to achieve?


You can use dump1090 to display the traffic(linking to aircraft details is a little better). If you don’t like the local radarcape maps or display.
Using Joe’s scripts, also allows you to use his stats page.