Questions MLAT altitude and anonymized MLAT flights


two short questions

  • is altitude in mlat flights calculated like position or is it transmitted from aircraft like in ads-b data. and if calculated how precise is the resulting altitude?

  • i forward the data from my fa-raspi-sd-card-receiver to my intern virtual-radar-server. are the anonymized mlat flights included with the standard mlat - so i would see them in vrs?



When I forwarded the flights from the FA to VRS, I have used the port that has just my signal (30002 AVR), not the MLAT port.
I am receiving MLAT also from adsbexchange and that’s what I have in my VRS as MLAT.
General statement:
MLAT and VRS discussed here too:


sonic thanx for reply. no i dont forward anything from fa to others. of course i can get the general mlat output fom the pi via vrs or socat or whatever but i was wondering wheter the anonymized are incuded and usable for vrs …