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Question About Assigned Seats

A curiosity question –

On 9/19 my wife and I flew back from LHR to PHL on AWE 729. The shcedule (and even the Flight Tracker site) show an A 332 but they actually subbed a 767 that day. We had 2 assigned seats on the original flight together (something like 19G and H) but on the 767 we had something like 19F and 20E.

I’m just curious, don’t the airlines have smart enough computers (and people) to figure out that two people traveling on the same itinerary with the same last name want to stay together? We ended up taking 2 seats together in the middle (something like 20 D and E) since the staff at LHR didn’t seem to care.

The ironic part is that the two people in the window aisle seat numbers we had originally selected were unrelated and not traveling together.

The computers try to put people traveling together together when there are equipment changes, but sometimes it’s just not possible, as it also tries to keep people with Windows in Windows and people with Aisles in Aisles. They also, when possible, try to reduce the number of total seat changes that are necessary by keeping people in seats that still exist in the same class on the new aircraft where they are. Of course the system behind this for every airline or airline software package is different.

it depends on what airline usair ,delta,united,… every airline except south west have assigned seating. southwest has those zones a-d hopefully this info helps :wink:

No, this info does not help.

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nerd1146: Southwest (note: it’s one word, the first letter capitalized) has Boarding Groups (not zones) A, B, and C.

Southwest is not the only airline without assigned seating.

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I’ve clicked the random flight feature over a dozen times and everytime an American Airlines flight came up. Shouldn’t any flight, not just American, show up when clicking on a random flight?

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