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Qantas A380 soars back to Sydney after gathering dust for more than 500 days

Finally Qantas is flying A380s again. I love taking them from LAX to SYD, although I will like it better when there is a direct flight from JFK to SYD.

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Those long routes are crazy.
I will fly, this weekend, first time, in one Airbus A380-800. IAD to DXB 7200 miles in 12h 45min.
Total legs time 23hr 45min.

Coming back won’t be that fun, DOH to ORD in BOEING 777-200LR. About 7600 miles in 15h 45min. Yuck. Then another 2 hour flight to homeport.
Total legs 26hr 35min.

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It beats the 40 hours and 5 layovers it once took me to get from Sydney to Boston in the 1980s.
Good luck.

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Now days you can’t congregate, can’t stand around to stretch, have to keep the mask on all the time (except when taking a bite of food or drink).
My first trip with those conditions, after 24 hours or so, the mask’s ear loops almost cut my ears off… or felt like that.
Now I have one of those fabric contraptions that go behind the head to hold the mask loops.

we went to Hawai’i four times in the past years. The flight back to Germany was always splitted in two red-eye flights, even with one stop only.

We will never do such long haul-flights in Eco class again.
Sitting in LAX for > 7 hours can be also boring. I started counting the trash bins there…


I like airports and can kill a lot of time there. However, I did four hours in Schonefeld a couple of years ago and that wasn’t good. What made it worse was that we were guided towards a departure ‘lounge’ with no indication that the rest of the airport past security was very different to where we were. We were in a small, enclosed area. When we were called to board, it was in a completely different part of the airport and we had to walk past loads of shops and restaurants. All we had in the ‘lounge’ was a tiny duty free area and a place with dried out sandwiches.

The only good thing to come out of that wait was that I discovered Berliner Brandstifter gin, still one of my favourites now.

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I have traveled internationally for work (US to EU and back) in Oct 2020 and November 2020. It was an eyrie experience, for example Atlanta International airport was unrecognizable, a ghost town. Closed shops, just a few travelers around.
On the good side, in the airplane I had the 4 middle seats all for myself. Nobody in the row in front of me or behind me.
This year, I traveled to EU in the summer as tourist, and the international travel picked up a bit, less empty seats in the planes. Local flights (in EU) were packed.

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Well… even 15 minutes there weren’t good…

I was in Tegel for two hours waiting for departure. I think i know all shops by name they had there now.

Different story is Frankfurt. With all these extensions they made over the years you can have a two hour stopover but still risk to miss the next flight

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Not only once I had to run trough that airport from a gate to the other, to catch my corresponding flight… even with the Skyline between them. Arriving E and had to connect in Z, with border controls in between. Dang long corridors!

And it’s not going to be better with the new Terminal 3 which is on the south side of the airport

Building the Future - en - Building the Future (frankfurt-airport.com)

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