Project Loon flies AGAIN?

Project Loon balloon up at 64,000 ft altitude, east of Albuquerque, NM (looks like it started in Santa Fe).

I thought the program closed a couple years ago.

Maybe some agency is using it for something else?

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Wondering this myself. My receiver got it near Tulsa and east.

Maybe that Chinese spy balloon that was reported earlier this week is sending a spoofed ADSB signal! :rofl::rofl:

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I did some further research, and it seems that the US DoD has a contract to use the Loon Balloons


More like the government and the media is pretending that the Loon Balloons are Chinese Spy / WMD balloons.

(Or maybe my Tin hat needs another layer of foil.)


Tracked a Loon Balloon at 67K a couple of days ago (04/08/23, mid afternoon) heading east toward Showlow, Arizona - I had not heard of the project and researched it. I think possibly they are being used in another fashion now; doesn’t make sense with Starlink up and running.

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There’s an excellent Facebook page and website “StratoCat balloons”. Has a lot of current info on high altitude balloons and launches.

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Just spotted one of these balloons off the north east coast of Newfoundland

I wonder if there is anything ‘interesting’ going on there. As I understand it, the Loon balloons are under contract to the US Department of Defense.

It’s traveled out to sea. Maybe this one got away in the jet stream