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Does this marker indicate a balloon of some kind (on FR24)?

I was checking my feed to FR24, and noticed that the default map location for me showed 2 odd markers.
I take it these 2 markers (the round ones) are indicative of some kind of balloon? They are both at a very high altitude, so I assume they are some kind of project, or are for meteorological purposes.

Registrations were: N257TH and HAL02.

I looked on FA, and while I could find the registration, it seemed to have a differing track from FR24 (unfortunately, I did not consider to screencap that at the time), and none of the vector or altitude data. [edited to add this paragraph]

Have you asked FR24?

(It’s flattering that the FlightAware forums are the go-to place for ADS-B questions, but for technical support for FR24-specific questions you’re probably better off asking them)


At that altitude and speed, more than likely (in all probability) is Project Loon:

Nitr0 nailed it.

That is a very good point!

Part of my rose-colored glasses attitude to asking on FR over FR24, is that it was obvious where the forums are here. Plus I’veexperienced the quality of responses one gets hereof.

Having delved a little deeper into FR24s site, now it’s somewhat obvious where to go for their forums too.

Thanks Nitr0. Seems like that is/was the likely candidate!