Problem with dump1090 (new)

As I write Here

I have problems with dump1090.

I test both command as you see at the screenshot.

Get the email: Feeder Outage: PiAware ‘xxx’ is not sending ADS-B data to FlightAware

Data feeding to Flightaware is to my knowledge done by Piaware, not dump1090
So it would be interesting what your piaware is telling you in the logs.

Check first with sudo systemctl status piaware if your piaware is even running.
Dump1090-fa is obviously working as it found your USB-Stick properly.

You could also use the journalctl command you used for dump1090-fa also for piaware

Here are a screenshot

Your receiver appears to be deaf. Check your cabling and antenna connections. Try testing with a different antenna.

So … because you wrote in that other thread.
Do you also get the error on the local webinterface (/dump1090-fa) that the persons there described?
“no data … something”

Using an USB extension?

And yeah … if dump1090-fa is not locking up it’s just really poor reception.
Make a picture of your antenna / coax.

Sometimes I have this.

direct on the Raspberry PI

Okay I have a look.

Intermittent doesn’t count.
If it stays … for longer than a bit … check that the IP hasn’t changed.
If it’s still there it means dump1090-fa has locked up and is no longer working.

The dump1090-fa logs show clean restarts (probably triggered by piaware after long periods with no data) so it’s unlikely to be a problem with dump1090-fa hanging.

IP Adress didn’t changed.

That’s the output of:

sudo piaware-status

Yeah … was mainly checking exactly because of the other thread the problem started as “i got the same issue” … but as we see now it’s not the same issue at all.

No more logs needed, you have really bad reception.
FA will report an issue if you don’t see any aircraft for a certain time.

As mentioned just snapping quick pictures of antenna / coax might help us help you.

That’s my choice of antenna …
With the left one I get the good results here

Well get to chopping off the top of one of those and eat a can of beans or soup.

And you really want that antenna in a window or in the attic, this looks like neither.
And obviously they need to be vertical …

To better check progress … graphs1090 will show changes faster than the FA page though some of it is obviously traffic related: GitHub - wiedehopf/graphs1090: Graphs for readsb / dump1090-fa / dump1090 (based on dump1090-tools by mutability)

Then you also want to get it away from any HDMI cables, they are notorious for producing noise which interferes with the reception.
So … get it at least a couple meters away from any monitor.

Why did you change it back to a more worse one if you got these results already?

Because of the explanation from @wiedehopf
I understand him so, that I have to change it.

Now I get:

Problem fetching data from dump1090.
AJAX call failed (error: Not Found). Maybe dump1090 is no longer running?
The displayed map data will be out of date.

Which graph from your graphs1090 did you need? @wiedehopf

So you had better reception a couple of days ago then you changed something … but i can’t know what you changed.
If you can replicate the setup from a couple of days ago … would probably a good start.
But i assume you don’t know what the change is a couple of days ago when your position count dropped like a rock?

It’s for you to know which antenna position works better.
The noise figure in the signal graph might also be interesting to figure out which antenna position has less interference.

I found out that my DVB-T Stick (SDR Stick) wasn’t good.

I changed it to another and now everything works like a charm.

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