Private plane and helicopter tracking

I am a paranormal investigator working on a case in Murrysville Pa on the sightings of lights in the sky labelled as UFOs.

I believe these to be Lifeflights and local news helicopters.
The person posting the videos of the lights are claiming they are UFOs and uses Flightaware to validate her claims.

What I need to know is there an organization that tracks the smaller aircraft.

I also would like to know what elevation is considered Under the Radar so to speak.

Any help?

OK, I’ll bite. As you have probably read in the FAQ’s this site does not track every airplane out there. The only source of flight information used is from the big FAA ATC computer.

The truth…my freind…is out there. 8)

That guy, my friend, is out there!

My local airport tower can track trains running down their track. So a dog might fly on the radar, so to speak.

COMING SOON Flight Aware R/C

there are 2 local airports in the area for smaller crafts but they supposedly have no radar on sight. I can set up my own radar from the local boat shop but that will not validate that it is an official Aircraft.

I know for a fact that it is Lifeflight helicopters the lady is seeing but to convince her and her fan base I need some facts on paper so to speak.

All I can suggest is to call the lifeflight operators and ask if they would be willing to provide you with the data for the various flights.

Does anyone have any links perhaps from Youtube, of Crafts in flight at night from the ground?

I am particularly interested in Helicopters to help solve this case.

- YouTube)

This is one of the videos I am trying to debunk. This case is drawing international attention, but I believe that most of these videos are just regular helicopters on night flights.

Because I am out to prove that these are not paranormal. The person taking the videos will no longer allow my team on her property where she takes most of these films from.

Watching that video, especially the “blinkies”, I would say they are watching airliners going into and out of a large airport. On a clear night, you can spot the landing lights on an airliner 50 miles out, if it is above the horizon. We frequently do that here waiting on our last flight of the night to arrive. I always wonder what these people are smoking, when they see a light in the sky, and assume it is paranormal.

Thats one of the problems that has gotten to the point of possible cults forming and death threats being made. The faster I can shed light on this the faster we can move on to something else with our time.
I have met Alison and she is a a rather nice person but I would hate to see anyone get hurt. This is why I am asking for help from those of you that would know the most about these flights and lights and so on.
Any help would be great.


With TWINKLERS too!!!

Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that the NV shots of “Blinkies” are UFO’s will not be swayed by hard evidence. Let’s just be glad that moron spent that $3300 on a camera, and not crystal meth.

Edit: LOL You can actually see nav lights when she zooms in on one of the “Blinkies” on her website. I will certainly leave the pulse lights on when flying over Western PA going to TEB late at night from now on, maybe I can be a Twinkler!

Good luck to you Marty. Alison may be a nice person but she’s already deeply rooted in an alternate reality… You nor anyone else will be able to convince her, or those that believe her, otherwise. You can’t fix stupid.

Here you go Mark…

That’s perfect! :laughing: