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Private Airport Site Information

When configuring my Flight Feeder site information, the selection for nearest airport options are only for public airports. Yet my feeder is on a busy private airport. Is there any way for Flightaware to change the field to include private Airports?

Unrelated, sorry for OT, it’s interesting the note on top of your posting:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen mmeadows — their last post was > 13y ago.

Is that the case???


A somewhat related question was asked not long ago:
Non-ICAO airports have no support for ADS-B flights; therefore most US airports including FlightFeeder hosts are excluded

Anyway the airport listed as site information is just the closest ICAO airport i believe.
It’s mostly for some regional grouping of stations.

We also have a Flight Feeder installed on a busy private airport. I understand from FlightAware staff that they only recognize arrivals & departures for airports with ICAO codes from Flight Feeder data including ADS-B data. This has something to do with ICAO only airports. Apparently there ADS-B system can only recognize ICAO codes. Including non-ICAO airports is on there “to do” list; however, I was told it will take some time.

We still see the occasional Arrival or Departure on our airport page (https://flightaware.com/live/airport/09FA) when the pilot has filed a flight plan to or from our airport as this data is from FAA feeds, not the Flight Feeder.

Thanks for the reply. Seems odd that they only handle airports with ICAO codes which are the minority of US airports. The US Flight plan system has just been obsoleted and uses the ICAO International Flight plan system. Even the US Government’s crack software team was able to create a work around. For airports that don’t have an ICAO identifier, you code ZZZZ and then in the remarks field, add the US identifier. With some software magic, the ATC computers can figure out where you want to go to and from.

That’s not the problem.
If a flight plan has been filed, the flight is correctly attributed also to small airports as far as i understand.

But for flights with no filed plan, they have to guess the origin and destination.
They don’t want to get actual passenger flights wrong, so they have only included airports in this logic which have regular passenger service.

And as for the identifier associated with your receiver stats, that’s just for display and doesn’t matter.

As you can also guess from the other thread, FA is a business and as such will probably more likely add your airport if a paying customer uses that airport and requires proper detection.
This adding an airport requires defining on a map where the runways are and needs some manual changes.
As obj described, it’s hard to do it reliably automatically for the whole US.


I run a PiAware system at a friend’s home in California, she is very close to KOKB (Oceanside Municiple) which is a very small airfield. Certainly no scheduled airline arrivals and departures. This shows up on my configuration page.