Privatair in the U.S.?


Do you think that a Privair type airline(ALL FIRST CLASS) could run domestic or international routes within the U.S.???


i flew PrivatAir from ORD-DUS. what an experience that was. the service was amazing.


United P.S. (JFK-LAX/SFO) is close.


I believe there is an IAH-AMS route as well.


yes i know of p.s. but i mean a 100% first class airline in the US. What routes do you think could support this?


There is an all-buisiness class airline trying to start up I believe, its Primaris Airlines. Their main hub would be New York JFK.

Heres the website link:


Porter Airlines.

Canada’s answer to Privair. They fly Dash 8’s converted to all business class. Haven’t tried it yet, but would like to give it a go.


I’m not sure Porter should be classified as an all-business class. The Q400 is a strech version of the previous DH8 versions. The only thing they offer more than other DH8 operators is a couple more inches legroom per seat. Porter has chosen passenger capacity to be 70. The manufacturer gives a bracket of 68-78 passengers, according to configuration. No big deal here.

However, they are definitely aiming the businessperson’s market, offering flights to a small island airport (CYTZ) minutes away from downtown Toronto. Passengers will therefore sidestep the hustle at CYYZ and reduce the 30 minute cab ride (minimum) to a mere 5 minutes to the city core.