I have been using this site for some time now and just love coming on every week and finding great new enhancements. So my question is, with all of these new enhancements and the great ones that are coming, will flightaware eventually start charging for these services? Just curious because i am amazed how you can provide these great services without charging a penny. This has to cost you a fortune in development and running servers. If you are not planning on charging for these services is there at least some way i can make a one time donation to help support you guys?



Hi, Rich. Thanks for your support. Rest assured, FlightAware will remain free. Your generous offer for donation is very appreciated although at this point, the best way to support FlightAware at this time is take a look at the advertisers that are sponsoring the various pages and consider whatever they’re presenting. Daniel


Thank you for the response. I will make sure and click on the ads.