Preparing to move across continent

I will be moving across the continent in the next month. I was looking for a FAQ on how to arrange a seamless transition but unfortunately all I find is that people have had issues doing this before.
Is there something I can do on shutdown for the move to make it easier to bring up at the eventual new location so that the data collected and uploaded is more accurate?

gracefully shutdown your raspberry pi by using the command sudo shutdown so all processes are terminated correctly.
When booting up again at you new location log into Flightaware and change the location of the reciever to your new location. This should retain your station ID but the nearest airport will change to your new location.

What device are you using?

A FA-Flightfeeder or a Raspberry with FA-/USB Stick?

If it’s a Raspberry, simply shut it down clean and bring it up at your new location. Then go into your profile on Flightaware and change the location (using the gear icon).

Then it should b working.

It’s a Pi with stick. This is great to hear, I was reading the difficulty that people had several years back where they had to move it a little bit at a time.

If you wish to continue your connection streak time instead of starting over, you could disconnect your system on your move day, and reconnect somehow each night where ever you sleep. No need to change locations each night. When you arrive, place the antenna in a window and start the system up again, updating the location when you have time. I did this recently. Nothing fancy, just keeps you active within the 24 hour period. Have fun.

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