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I´ll moving soon and want to keep my station

I´ll move soon and want to keep my actual station number, just changing geographical coordinates and height. Is it ok? Just installed a new and improved antenna and my new home is 4 to 5 miles in straight line (my best guess). Can I do it or shall I start from zero a new station? Of course the planes will come from a different path. But, other than that ,I´ll be on the same average distance from the local airport. Sorry if it has already been asked but, after searching here and Google I didn´t get any information. Cheers all!

If you use the same setup, just change the location on your FA web page:

That was my first guess! Thanks!
It will be quite an experience because the the visibility will be quite different although the planes are the same, at least the ones who are landing on the local airport. There are some mountains in between but the environment is more open, less tall buildings.

Good luck with the move. An open environment helps “seeing” further away, especially if you can raise the antenna a bit over the obstacles around you.

Not a brilliant location, It´s 6 floors above ground level but I changed the antenna who was the weakest part of my home station and put it on the roof level of the terrace, hopefully will improve my “seeing” . Other than that my wireless will be more efficient and so on. Let´s how it will change stats. The best part is that I put the Pi, and filters under the roof so I´ll not have to hear about from wifey…Oh, and the antenna is a collinear instead of a dipole. That´s an improvement, a real one.More gain equals more planes.At least more positions.


keep your geographic situation in mind.

Done! Thanks, all data crunching happily! Thanks folks!

See the move stats since today around 11AM on new site crunching happily and strong

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I moved the day before yesterday as well. The feeder itself was down only for half an hour, but the Internet Provider took me offline during night at approx 01:30 and enabled the connect during the day in the new location. I’ve updated the location and it’s working without issues.

I only did not find a proper location for the antenna, but the feeder is working.
My wife told me we have other priorities at the moment, and i think i better agree :slight_smile:

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Women don´t have the last word. We do:
-“Yes, darling!”