premier 1 / 1A

I am considering a premier vs a king air and have good info on king air but not about the flying qualities of the premier. If anyone has experience in flying one please respond with your comments. thanks

It has a crappy range

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It has nice flying qualities as you would expect from a Beechcraft and the Collins Proline 21 avionics are very hard to beat. Its range/payload is lacking compared to the 200/350. And its cabin length is comparably shorter, making leg room very tight for six occupants. Runway performance…wet/contaminated in particular…is a consideration vs. the King Airs as well.

Contact a broker. :unamused:

We’re considering a Premier. Does anyone here have experience?

My friend flies a 1A, and they have already ordered a Hawker 200, (formally known as Premier II).

He loves it, he was flying Air Canada A320’s, and a Citation II part time, he resigned Air Canada to fly the Premier full time!!

I would say it depends on they type of legs you would be doing. I have a type in it, but not much time in it. Here is what I can remember. The Premier will get up to 410 and go .80 right away, but the range is limited. Loaded up the range will be around 800nm and you might be able to get 1200+ with full fuel. Probably best to have at least 5000’ of runway, but guys do take it into 4000’ strips.

The plane flies great and is very comfortable both up front and in the back. ProLine 21 is also nice. It is a little ugly, but like any plane, it looks a lot better when you own it or have a type in it. I think it would be a great plane for Chicago-New York or New York-Florida etc.

The majority of our trips are 2 tall (6’4" + 6’2") passengers 250-800nm. Rare trips across the country that are one stop in a Premier or any other light jet.

I think it would be perfect for that type of flying. 2 tall passengers would be comfortable.

The premier has a far superior cabin as well a speed advantages. The premier has tricky flying qualities due to its highly swept wing. Jack Roush crashed his premier 1a at Oshkosh :open_mouth:

Bummer, I thought you were posting a video of the actual crash!!! I did read that the FAA are in possession of such a video.

In fairness to the Premier 1A, the Roush accident does not appear to be a fault of the aircraft.

I think that the premier 1a should be certified for 2 pilot crews only. Its approach speeds are high compared to other single pilot turbine airplanes. I love its design terms of efficiency, however, yet i think a citation cj3 is the best jet alternative to the king air.

A good read; Click Here VREF final approach speeds are close to 120 knots.

We picked up a 1A for $2.8Mil with a little less than 500 hours TTAF. Very happy with it thus far. Air frame & engines covered @ $370/hr + fuel. I’m learning to fly it but probably won’t fly single pilot for a few years.

Good luck with her and enjoy flying her. Sounds like a very sweet deal.

Hopefully you didn’t buy Jack R’s bent one! :wink:

Wow what a great price!!!, as the market slowly recovers your going to gain some equity in your airplane - very smart move. Sounds like you got it about 400 - 500k under market - very shrewd!!!

My friend was flying one for a private owner - who now has bought a second one - though my friend is now on Hawker 800’s - but he loved the 1’s - he had been looking forward to the Hawker 200’s!!