Preferred route/route selection integration

One thing that is keeping me from using FlightAware’s flight planner with any regularity is its inability to pull up preferred or acceptable IFR routes. If you use DUAT all you need to do is enter your point of departure and destination, and then click a “get route” button. It then presents you with a variety of acceptable routes (preferred, jet routes, victor airways, VOR to VOR, RNAV, etc).

Is there any chance FlightAware could integrate this sort of functionality into their flight planner?

What routes is FlightAware suggesting (and between what airports)?

FlightAware has much more accurate and realistic routes that DUATS. We do not use “preferred” routes, but rather the actual routes that air traffic control has been using in the last few hours (or days, depending on the popularity of the route) for your flight.

Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t notice anything other than direct routing (not particularly helpful under IFR).

The dep/dest in question is from TTN to ALB. From your comment I’m guessing the reason there was only direct routing is that no one has recently filed TTN-ALB. It would be helpful, I think, that in the absence of a recently filed route, the planner displayed a few alternatives aside from direct.