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Pre-studying for private pilot's license


I’m planning on starting flight training, but it will take a few months until I isolate the proverbial $10000 for it. :slight_smile:
So I’m wondering if I can make my future training quicker and easier by doing some self-study in advance. Is there some list of materials or book that you would recommend? I’m thinking I could self-study navigation using a simulator. Are there good resources for that?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

amazon.com/Private-Jeppesen- … 0884872386

I’d recommend this book


Good idea to start reading as soon as you can. You’ll definitely want to pick up a current version of the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test Standards, which is a high level overview of everything you need to do and know in order to get your license. These are inexpensive and available from any pilot shop or online.

As far as study materials, I used Jeppesen books all the way through my commercial and instructor ratings, but I highly recommend Rod Machado’s books for private pilots as I feel his approach to writing and instructing are second to none. You will want to study this book, and also get the workbook that will help you prepare for the written.

rodmachado.com/_available_pr … ndbook.php

Another great resource is Jason Schappert’s website, m0a.com. He has a paid training series, and also a lot of free content that will help you along the way.

Lastly, whittsflying.com has everything you could possibly need to know for your private pilot practical (checkride), definitely use it.

Good luck and enjoy your training!