Posting FBO Photos rejecting

I’ve tried to upload FBO photos for several days now. In every case my photos are rejected but unfortunately the rejection message says that the image is “either too big, too small, or the wrong type.” The message gives no clue to the specific problem. I’ve tried an image at sizes from 13 kb to 140 kb and from gif, jpg, jpeg formats. Everything rejects.

Has anyone been able to upload and if so, could you post the type and size of image that worked.


It sounds like the images are probably too small. The system only accepts images that are large enough that they can be zoomed in on by the user. I’m not exactly sure what that threshold is, but, 140kB is too small I’m sure. Try uploading something larger and see what happens.

Thanks for the tip. I uploaded jpg images at about 500 kb and they went right up. So don’t know the threshold either but somewhere between 130 kb and 500 kb the uploads will start working. Thanks again.