Portuguese domestic flights are incorrect


Recently in Portugal TAP, have done a business model change and most of domestic flights are done by main company.
We’re currently having flights that are set as being White flights but in fact are TAP flights…

If I look at your site the flights are identified as being White but according to the airport they are TAP.

Flightaware Data for OPO -> LIS

Data from oPorto airport:
Data from Lisbon airport:

Could you please correct the data source and fix this.
I’ll wait for your feedback.


There are various industry data sources that we rely on and those need to be updated by them first. If that was an unscheduled marketing change that they suddenly initiated, then it may take them a few weeks for all of the changes to propagate.


Could you please check, or at least give me a date when will this issue be fixed?


This is our standard way of handling flights performed by one carrier on behalf of another in situations similar to this. You’ll see the same treatment on our site for Lufthansa and their partner Cityline, or United and Skywest in the US, or Austrian and Tyrolean until recently.

We’re aware they’re codesharing these White flights with TAP, as well as other codeshare partners like Turkish, Etihad, and South African. You can request the operating airline or any of their codesharing partners and receive the information for the correct flight. For example if you request flight TAP1955, you’ll find the correct flight operated as WHT1955 flightaware.com/live/flight/TAP1 … /LPPR/LPPT


Indeed, the Whyte and PGA are another airline, but operated exclusively by TAP.
But BRAND Whyte and PGA have no commercial flights - that is, the companies do not sell flights, they only operate the flights.
Hence these BRANDs should not appear but instead TAP, is this possible?


As Mark explained, the current behavior is by design. The primary ident of the flight is generally the underlying operator of the flight, regardless of what marketing identity the flight has. Such codeshares or marketing identities are then treated as aliases to the underlying flight. These distinctions and decisions are not individually made by us, but simply reflect the reality of the technical operations of the airline and how the aircraft is operated.