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Port Forwarding

Greeting Everyone & Happy New Year.

I’m not able to Port Forward my local ADS-B to a external Web site.

It was working OK back in November. All other network functions are OK.
My PC is a Dell 3471 Inspiron, 32 GB RAM, OS Win 10 Pro.

My Modem/Router is a ARRIS DG 1670 A, setup appears to be correct &
I have reset the Modem/Router too. ISP is Sparklight (Cableone)

Best Regards


After resetting the router have you re-input the port forwarding info?
In my Arris router it is under the Access Control/Port Forwarding menu.

Yes I did, no joy !:disappointed:

Im going to ask my ISP for a replacement Modem/Router…

How are you forwarding ports? Your ISP may be blocking well known ports as mine does.

I typically set the external port to 7980 and forward that to internal port 80.
In other words I connect to 35.123.456.xx:7980 that is then forwarded to 192.168.1.xx:80.

Defective Modem/Router, replacement scheduled by Cableone tomorrow AM…

Modem replacement scheduled for today not in the AM ! :persevere:

Modem replaced. PF on hold for now