Please support Jet Blue flights (B6)!

My app recently launched and my users are complaining that they aren’t able to lookup Jet Blue flights (B6). Is there anything you guys can do about that in the near term?

Can you provide examples? We track hundreds of jetBlue flights every day:

Are you relying on our IATA code translation? We don’t support the B6 IATA code since it’s ambiguous with Chinese registrations; there are a number of others we don’t support due to collisions with identifiers in use. We recommend all API users use ICAO codes to avoid ambiguities.

Yes it is my fault for relying on your IATA code translation. I wasn’t aware of the B6 code collision with Chinese airlines. For now I’ve told the users that complained to use the JBU code for Jet Blue. In the future I plan on adding an airline lookup feature to my app that will at least partially eliminate this issue.

In the meantime, is there a list of the IATA codes you support and the collisions that you don’t so that I can do some of my own translations server side? I can’t rely on users to enter the ICAO code (they’ll just enter whatever is printed on their ticket/itinerary), and from what I’ve seen so far, my users are trying to lookup B6 flights for Jet Blue.

None of the IATA codes with a number are support. Additionally CA AB SJ HA AR SB AT LT ET AX RL CD PE AM WK SF MG MA IATA codes are not supported due to their other uses.

All other IATA codes should be supported and we’re interested in discrepancies.

Thanks for the info. I implemented better code translation on my server for those codes you don’t support, and also try to autocomplete the ICAO code whenever possible. Unfortunately, users will often try to enter whatever is printed on their ticket, including codes like B6.