Plane visible in web map not available in FlightXML

I am trying to track aircraft N414EH that is currently flying. It is a position-only flight and ‘Show position-only flights’ is enabled. It is showing up on the website, but when I run GetLastTrack through the API I am getting the previous flight from earlier in the day.

The API started returning the new tracks about two hours into the flight. What would cause the delay?

GetLastTrack does not always pick the same flight that you are interested in, so it is likely trying to return data for a different flight.

If you know the faFlightId of the specific flight that you want (such as by using FlightInfoEx), you can use the SearchBirdseyePositions function with a query of “{= fp xxxxxxxxx} {> clock yyyyyy}” to retrieve just new positions for the specific faFlightId that were received after the last time you checked.

Just to be clear, I am wanting to get flight tracks for an aircraft I know is currently flying. I tested what you suggested, but it looks like SearchBirdseyePositions only returns up to 15 positions at a time.

What would the most reliable way to get the last XX minutes worth of positions for an aircraft that is currently flying if all I know is the tail number?