Plane colors on map

What does an aircraft displayed in red color mean?

On what map? Can you provide a screenshot?

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I can remember only “red” aircraft on Flightradar24. This is shown if an Aircraft send Sqwak 7700

Thanks for getting back to me. The map I’m referring to is the default map when I log on to Flightaware that shows all aircraft presently aloft. When I hover my mouse over them, the tail number, type, altitude and airspeed are displayed. Until just recently, all these little aircraft icons were a tan color. Now, some are red, and I don’t know what this signifies. I’m fairly certain they all can’t be squawking 7700, which is a rare occurrence.

I see a red aircraft on adsbexchange squawk 7112, N680KG at 47,000 ft and 507kt passing overhead. Aircraft at 45,000 ft are fuchsia color.

that is normal for that altitude
But the thread opener has it on the Flightaware map, not adsbexchange or flightradar

I only use the basic version of Flightaware, and have been a member since 12/20. I’m only asking this question because until very recently (maybe 2 weeks), all aircraft were the same color, some kind of tan. Then I see a few A/C in red and wondered “what the heck?” The planes don’t seem to have anything in common that I can tell: they are all different types, altitudes, airspeed, to/from destinations, private vs commercial, ascending, descending, and time of day. So I’m still stumped. I appreciate all the replies, but I’ll be danged if I can figure it out.