Pittsburgh airport


Twas but 5-6 years ago Usairways had over 500 flights a day out of pit multiple international destinations and controlled 4 out of 5 concourses almost completely…today…0-1 international destinations losing 2-3 destinations from Usairways a year as of 2008 they’re packed into 1 concourse leaving one concourse with only 3 gates total being used (used by Southwest) and another being demolished, and less than maybe 50 flights a day.what happened here!


How do you spell bankruptcy?

In college we used to go there and ask the crews if we could see the cockpits. We even got to see and a/c jump its chocks and roll into the concourse. My Dr used to be in one of the concourses, he was a US Air captain and did flight physicals for cheap. Boy, that was a nice airport at one time. Nice mall and food court. Oh well such is life in Pittsburgh. First the steel mills than US Air. Some towns don’t get a break.


How times have changed sigh*…back to topic…but after bankruptcy clt grew…and it still is yay!..im pumped about the master plan and the international terminal


It is not as economical to have tons of hubs like US had. However, Pittsburgh economy isn’t as strong as it used to be and has a small population at 2 million. Add to that a large chunck to the residents complained about high fares…they fixed that. Anything you can do from PIT, you can do from PHL (of course PHL airport is a dump though).


The short answer was mentioned before: it’s not economical to operate a large hub out of Pittsburgh anymore, especially with Philadelphia not so far away.

It’s still a nice airport, though. But with the increasingly empty terminal space, it’s becoming a little eerie in parts. I was there a couple months ago and it definitely gave me a profound sense that the best and busiest days were well behind it.

I recently flew into and out of MSY (New Orleans), and it looked like an entire terminal was disused except for a few US Airways gates at the very end of it.


Lots of empty space. Most of the shops / restaurants are still open and nice.

The entire express terminal is closed.

Southwest played a part in killing this airport, much the same as what happened with US in BWI.

Crying shame.


Clt will prevail!!! 8) 8) 8) :laughing:



You cant blame SW for this. Yeah they played a part in killing the US operation but the people of Pittsburgh had a choice and they went with SW.



How dare anyone compete on price, scheduling and customer service. This is America and we have unions and corrupt politicians to prevent this from happening.


Hear! Hear! Next thing you know the customer will think he’s right! Just imagine what will happen if someone expects value for his money! Oh, the humanity of it all!


And the customer will want to use their PED too…


There is always more to the story than whats on the surface. PIT can’t compete with PHL and they are too close, but PIT is keeping operations. US had issues in BWI because Southwest finagled the new pier and got cheaper gate rents. USair pulled their op from BWI to PHL (mistake imho) in retaliation. I am sure pax economics, loads, and the slide into bankruptcy all contributed as well. CLT is our best hub, but I would love to see BWI pick up more gates/flights for USair.


So what are the chances of getting more service to ISP? I certainly don’t expect anything, given more service has been lost than gained at that airport over the past five years, except for SW. I can always dream of having more options, though.


PBI-PIT used to be non-stop several times a day on US airways. Now you gotta go through CLT or DCA. Makes for a long travel day. Would rather drive to FLL and have a non-stop on either US airways or USA 3000


I haven’t heard anything about more flights to ISP. The expansion we have been hearing about lately is the Philly/China debacle. USair is still trying to iron out the last few merger wrinkles with America West routes, so Islip is on the wrong side of the country anyways. :wink: And you are right, dorish, you can’t get anywhere without seeing a hub! What a pain.


Depends on the airline. With Southwest, most passengers are able to fly nonstop to their destinations. And when they can’t fly nonstop, it’s often on a through flight (i.e. one or more stops between origin and destination).

Best of all, Southwest does not have any hubs whatsoever. It’s a pure network airline, just like most airlines were before 1980.


The above post from Dami appears to be based on opinion and not fact.

Please see the following discussions on Southwest and hubs.

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You’ve never flown from ISP, then, where, excepting the five Florida destinations, every SW flight heads through LAS, MDW, or BWI, and there aren’t a terribly high number of through flights either. You may note that these airports in particular were the airports of contention during the great “What makes a hub?” debate in a previous thread.


We arent going to have that debate again are we? :smiling_imp: :unamused:


I am with a legacy carrier. Southwest is THE dirty “S” word! Of course that doesn’t stop anyone from non-revving on it, or even buying a ticket when you absolutely have to get there.